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Bringing you the highest quality holistic health care to give your kids and teens the best start in life

Nurturing each sprout individually

Health care that is tailor-made for your unique sprout
At Sprouting Kids, we know and appreciate that every little sprout is totally unique. This means that their bodies need nurturing in a way that cares for and addresses their individual needs.

We understand and investigate the special way in which your sprout is expressing signs and symptoms in their body, and provide solutions that are specific to their age, developmental stage, personal preferences, and their readiness for new experiences or change.

We don’t have any one-size-fits-all approaches, only the right-sized approach to fit your family and your sprout.

Kindess, care, and nothing but the best

Our holistic, child-centered health care services were created to sprout kids and teens who thrive

Child & Family Friendly

We get kids. And we get family life. So we always strive to provide the most practical and realistic, yet effective advice as possible.

Integrative Healthcare

It takes a whole team to help your little one sprout. We regularly communicate with all of the relevant professionals in your sprouts team for integrated care.

Real, Lasting Results

We don’t use a band-aid approach. Instead, we aim to restore your sprouts full health and vitality, digging to find and address the underlying cause.

Holistic Understanding

Your sprout is not just a body of different moving parts. We connect the dots and understand how their body systems are interacting and impacting their health.

Comprehensive Care

Our services include comprehensive pre- and post appointment preparation and research. Our practitioners are committed to supporting you all the way.

Award Winning Practitioners

Our practitioners have been recognised for their excellence in their field. We want to bring you and your sprouts nothing but the best.

Working with Sprouting Kids

What to expect when you work with us

We pride ourselves on providing detail and thorough health assessments and ongoing care for children and teens.

Using our tools of nutrition, naturopathy, and lifestyle interventions, we are able to help you to get to the underlying cause of your family’s discomfort or dis-ease.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive initial assessments
  • Detailed treatment planning sessions
  • Ongoing support and check up sessions
  • In-between appointment support
  • Resources and support tools
  • Meal Planning
  • Feeding Clinic

Behaviour & neurodevelopment

Digestive discomfort

Allergies & Immunity

Mood, anxiety & sleep

Focus & concentration

Feeding difficulties

don’t wait any longer, let’s get your little one sprouting now!

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